How To Use “Empathy Marketing Strategy” To Keep Readers Hooked On Your Blog

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

Cyrus Jackson’s Note: This is a guest post by Fatama Zahora, a content marketer and strategist who is the owner of Fatamazspace. She writes engaging content that speaks to her audience.

What makes a reader to decide whether they want to read your content?

Readers or your audience does not care about who you are.

Especially if you’re just starting out.

You have to earn their trust.

How do you build that trust?

By rapport and by empathizing with them.

What’s empathy marketing?

How can (like me) freelance writers and bloggers use it to turn our fleeting readers into loyal followers?

The answer is simple and implementing it is simpler, if you can put yourself in the shoes of your readers.

First things first, do not confuse empathy to sympathy.

According to Google dictionary-

“empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another while sympathy is the feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.”

It’s pretty clear, right.

Sympathy is what when someone feels sorry for you when you fail while empathy is when someone not only hears your pain but relates to it and says: “it is okay, I have been there. It’ll be okay!”

Brene Brown explains this in the most charming and easy way in this video.

Now, let’s see-

How we can implement it in our content to connect better with our readers.

Have you ever read an article and said to yourself: “Man, this article is so good. It feels like it was written just for me.”

If you nodded yes.

Then, the writer of that article has done a great job at really exploring the reader’s pain points and provide value.

Often times, we forget that we are marketing to real humans.

Where now almost everything can be automated and paid for, some miss the point of connecting with their customer.

Let’s forget about customers for one minute.

We bloggers, freelance writers, and content marketers, what we do?

We help blogs or businesses to get social views to shares to eventually sales and where these views, shares, and sales come from?

They come from real human beings, not from robots or computers.

So it is common sense to think about the people first then the revenue. Because revenue will follow if you can tap into your targeted audience and give them something that is valuable to them.

So how do you do that?

You can achieve to connect with your audience with Empathetic Marketing.

Yes. Empathy marketing strategy is a real thing you can use to improve your content that will speak directly to your audience or readers.


So, what is empathy marketing?

Empathy marketing strategy is not something that can be used right way like using some new kind of software.


Its all about how an audience feels who have problems and they will be delighted if that was solved.

Empathy marketing strategy is not a new thing, it is has been around for quite some time big brands like Nike, IKEA, Dove etc.


Ikea website screenshot

Visit Ikea Idea to see for yourself


Here is IKEA is not promoting high class home furniture they are promoting unique personalities.

They do say, we make great furniture; they are saying make your home reflection of your personality, what ever that may be.

It feels authentic and unique to individual level.



Nike Website screen shot

Visit Nike to have a look


Another Example:

Nike- they do not sell sports wear, they promote health and fitness desires, aspirations, inspirations and the benefits.

They are very popular for making bold statement and their bleeds confident and authenticity.


These are some consumer companies but there are a lot of companies who dig deep level though, goes to the root of the problem and provide answers.

Empathy Marketing

It’s the buzzword of 2017 and it will be great in 2018 as well because people are getting more and more interested in authenticity and ethnicity.

So, any marketer or a content creator should think from a clients perspective.

In anthropology, there is a term “Native’s point of view” where anthropologist describes a society through the perspective of the natives who are the active member of the society.

So think from native’s point of view and provide value, provide solutions.

That is the role of empathy in marketing.

Its goal of empathy marketing strategy is to create an emotional bridge between the brand or company with the customers.  

So how do bloggers, writer, freelancer writer or content maker use it in our content?


  1. Listen, listen and listen

animal animal photography barbaric big bush close-up color countryside cute ears face field game grass hayfield large listen mammal nature outdoors park portrait safari see watch wild wildlife

photo from | animal photography cute ears opened up

Always keep in touch with your audience.

Constantly research what are their problems?

What answers are they seeking?

Now it is not very hard to do because of social media.

There are hundreds and thousands of Facebook groups which are filled with people of similar interest.

Be active in the community you want to know.

Ask and answer questions and participate.

Facebook groups are really growing now and on verge of becoming a marketing platform on its own.

Other than facebook groups, there are Twitter lists, forums, LinkedIn groups, Quora etc.

So, to provide value to your targeted audience be an active listener and participate.


  1. Focus more on “you” than “I”


arts and crafts cardboard close-up design handmade heart love paper paper bag romance thank you valentine write writing

photo from | handmade heart paper bag saying Thank you

You have a blog and you write in it constantly.

Who are you blogging for?

Who is going to read it?

Why should they read it?

Because you are blogging for some specific persons who want to know what you know.

And they will read your blog because you are providing them with the answers they are looking for.

This is what real empathy based marketing is.

Almost all bloggers use this but most of them do unknowingly because most people blog about what they know and their experience.

The blog helps those people who are at a stage where the blogger was once at.

So the blogger can show real empathy to his/her people simply by saying-

“I have been there, done that and here how you can overcome it or succeed in it.”


  1. Focus on contextual content


black and white blog business chocolate coffee computer cup diary education indoors ipad modern notebooks office paper pencil sheet still life table tablet wood workplace workspace

photo from | Workspace with coffee and notebook


So you are writing a blog post about teeth whitening.

You have to first explain why they would need their teeth whitened.

Why should they invest in it?

Then you will uphold some situations from a life where they will need to have white teeth.


Colgate website blog post on teeth whiting


One example Colgate website has a separate article on why you should whiten your teeth?

So you see context is key to engaging content.

Empathy centered marketing especially focuses on one brand’s audience and their problems.

Some Concluding points:

  1. Gone are the days when customers or audience would buy anything or focus their time on anything, they are looking for user-friendliness, security and authenticity and Empathy marketing strategy is one of the best ways to connect with the audience.
  2. With new things, software, blogs, and companies coming alive every minute empathy centered marketing will separate you from the crowd.
  3. Words can touch souls with a good voice in writing you need a strategy to convert your readers and make them engage with the content. Empathy marketing strategy works great here.
  4. Speak more in the second person. Talk about your reader’s problems and interact with them in common interests.
  5. Be an active listener, research the problems and provide value.
  6. Focus more on context rather than a straight-up sales pitch.
Got any questions?

What’s your thoughts on this post? Feel free to drop it in the comments, I’ll reply.

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Fatama is a content marketer and strategist who is the owner of She writes engaging content that speaks to her audience.

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