Welcome To OnlineBloggingIncome


Welcome to Onlinebloggingincome!

Emmanuel Aniekan

A blog dedicated to teaching Nigerians how they can start a blog the right way and make money from their passion without going through the stress of a nerve racking day job!

My name’s Emmanuel Aniekan, a professional blogger, experienced freelance writer and affiliate marketer.

Just to let you know, I’ll be re-launching Onlinebloggingincome pretty soon. So, stay tuned!

But wait …one second!

Do you want to learn how you can earn your first $100 monthly from your blog?


Then, grab a free copy of practical blog business blueprint that will teach you how to create a powerful business plan for your blog and give you a road map to follow with step by step guidelines on how you can launch a blog with a big bang and earn consistent income within the first 6 months.

Download your free copy right below …


“When I downloaded this book, I thought it was just another book about blogging which will get me confused rather than enlighten but after reading the book I started writing the business plan of my blog with the systematic, practical and easy-to-follow guide that Emmanuel Aniekan was sharing.

It was awesome. In fact, up till today, I still look through my business plan to see how far I’ve gone.” – Emmanuel  Egobiambu of VesselofInspiration

Here is a list of what you’ll learn in the eye-opening, easy-to-read and no-bullshit ebook:

  • The basic resources of an online business which most “experts” will always hide from you.
  • Creating a proven strategy that works for your blog which will boost your success rate.
  • Creating a competition analysis for your niche and beat your competitors like a pro.
  • Creating a powerful structure for your blog which ensures consistent traffic and readers on a daily basis.
  • And lots more…

Download your free copy and earn your first $100 monthly from your blog consistently…

I’m certain after reading the ebook, you would have gotten the right information on how you can build a blog from your passion and make your first $100/ monthly right from home.

Please note: To read the ebook, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Almost all computers have it, if yours doesn’t, you can simply download it free of charge by following this link: www.get.adobe.com/reader

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