Best Wireless Doorbells

Wireless doorbell systems use radio waves to connect a transmitter switch to the chime, which makes wires unnecessary. This type of doorbell consists of a switch and transmitter unit inside the button mechanism. A receiver unit is placed in your home so that when the button is pressed, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, which chimes. In a wireless doorbell, however, the receiver must be within range of the transmitter. The maximum distance between the transmitter and the receiver is usually indicated on the product label. With a wireless system, you can install multiple receivers around your home to expand the sound range, and they’re portable. But because they’re often battery-powered, you have to change or recharge the batteries regularly to ensure the bell works.

Stereophonic Door Bell

For as long as one can remember, doorbells made the classic ding-dong sound. Well, this wired doorbell with its stereophonic sound is perfect for the ones who love that nostalgic sound. Simple elegant design, this white bell can be easily installed by yourself or perhaps with a little help from an electrician. With 60HZ frequency, this bell runs on a voltage of 240V and has a 1 year warranty. Usher in your guests at home or office with its soft and pleasant sound. Compact design with the classic ding-dong sound.

Waterproof doorbell

A wireless plug-In bell with LED indicator, this bell is ideal for multiple places such as homes, offices, clinics, etc. It offers you 48 different selectable melodies to choose from. You can choose the melody of the bell according to your choice and convenience. The bell is equipped with auto-learning technology and remembers the choices you make. The operating area of the bell is 150 meters.