Shoe Rack

Spring is traditionally a time for cleaning off dusty corners and packed closets — and on your spring cleaning to-do list might be figuring out how to store away all the shoes left around the house. A new shoe organizer could help, especially if you have an ever-expanding collection. Organizing your shoes out and in the open might also help you actually see what’s worth keeping around — and what you could probably do without. “You have a much better chance of using and appreciating [your shoes], which is getting real value out of them, if they are sitting out and can be easily seen,” explained Nancy Meck, a professional organizer and owner of Meck Organizing.

In order to find the best shoe storage options to consider, we asked professional organizers for their recommendations for shoe racks, shelves and other organizers — including ones from popular retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store — and advice to keep shoes in their best condition once stored away.

Shoe Storage Rack

A shoe storage rack is a type of rack that comes with tiers or shelves for storing shoes. The rack is designed to be free-standing so that it sits close to the floor. It works well for storing fewer pairs of shoes. However, this depends on the number and width of the shelves.

A shoe storage rack may be built using wood or collapsible steel pipes and plastic connectors. Nonetheless, they have sturdy construction. Also, they can be easily placed in the bedroom, entryway, hallway, or any other corner of the house, depending on the size.

Shoe Cabinet

A shoe cabinet is a cabinet that comes with doors and shelves on the interior. They are designed to accommodate a higher number of shoes. Moreover, they are usually constructed using engineered wood with elegant finishing. Hence, they manage to enhance the overall home decor and can also be used for storing other items.