Best Paper Shredders

Whether you work from home every day or simply get an abundance of junk mail that quickly adds up, having a reliable paper shredder on hand is essential in any home office. Keeping your office or work area clean is the key to feeling productive and organized, but that’s no easy feat when there is clutter and old documents scattered everywhere. 

Before you decide which paper shredder is best for your needs, it’s important to understand what your options are. If you’re looking for a shredding machine specifically for work, you’ll want to consider factors like noise and level of security. On the other hand, if the shredder will be inside your home, you might prioritize size, price point, and safety features (especially if you have children or pets roaming around). 

Best no-basket paper shredder

This compact shredder can be used with any size trash can — including extra-large options — thanks to its no-basket design. “I’ve been using this to shred about 15 years’ worth of documents and I’ve got to say, it’s quality,” writes one reviewer, who appreciates “the amount of sheets it can tackle at once, it’s constant availableness … the reverse feature and, so excellent, the self-regulating heat feature which turns it off if it’s getting overheated so you don’t kill it.” Plus another reviewer says, “This is the only one I have found that has the adjustable arm to fit any can AND has a credit-card shredder.” And if you think this isn’t as heavy duty as some shredders with a bin, one reviewer writes, “I expected it to shut off after 20 minutes, but I used it up to three hours at a time just fine.”

Micro-cut paper shredder

This micro-cut paper shredder is a favorite among reviewers with low-volume needs, but who value privacy, like one who writes, “I finally broke down and got a shredder, after much research. Since I am single, I kept putting this off, thinking I couldn’t justify the substantial purchase for just myself. I thought that I didn’t generate enough papers to need one.” Other reviewers found creative uses for the tiny, shredded pieces it generates. For example, one says, “My grandson likes it when I shred a few pages of colored paper and play ‘parade.’ I let him throw (and pick up) the confetti. Hours of entertainment for under a buck!” Another, a gardener, finds the extra-small size of the micro-cut paper shreds convenient because “all my shredded material gets used as mulch.”