Best Motorcycle Helmets 2021

Your head really is the most important thing to keep safe, whether you’re on a motorcycle or not, as your ECU is inside it. You don’t have to spend as much as most of these 10 cost for a truly great helmet, but if our mission here is to seek out the best motorcycle helmet, well, you have to open up the purse a little. The following are some of the best money can buy – including some modular options for street riders or those who like the versatility flip-ups provide. And also bear in mind that fit is the number-one determinant in which helmet is best for each individual. If you can try helmets on in a real store, do so, and please give that store a chance to match your best online price. We hereby present what the MO staff collectively agree are the ten best motorcycle helmets that have brought the game forward in terms of safety, comfort, design, practicality, or all of the above. 

For decades helmet construction was basically the same: a polystyrene shell surrounded your dome and was built to crush upon impact, absorbing the crash force so your head won’t have to. But as motorcycles evolved, helmets didn’t. Until 6D arrived. First came the ATS-1 helmet; now there’s the completely reworked ATS-1R. Using a new and improved version of its ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) system reduces energy transfer to the head/brain even more than before, says 6D, and makes the R even lighter. Basically, we’ve got tiny springs wedged between two EPS liners, which 6D claims offers unsurpassed security. Read the review here.

Weighing in at just a touch over 3.0 pounds, AGV’s Sportmodular is built entirely from Carbon Fiber. AGV says this flip-up meets the same safety standards as its Pista R MotoGP helmet – while weighing less than its racing counterpart! Built for the sport and sport-touring rider, AGV says it spent countless hours in the wind tunnel to make the SportModular aerodynamic and quiet, while still providing good ventilation and stability. Three shell sizes covering XS to XLLL mean everybody should be able to find a comfortable yet compact fit. Read the full MO review here.