Amazon Kindle Publishing: How I Became A Best-Selling Author On Amazon

Surprised to see Cyrus Jackson as the author of this blog, right?

Well that’s my new pen name on Amazon and I’m using this blog as my author profile.

It was about 3 years ago, when I discovered about Amazon Kindle Publishing. A platform that allows self-published authors spread their work and earn income for themselves.

As someone who would love to work from home without bothering about a nerve-racking day job, I decided to take a plunge.

But, there’s just one problem:

Amazon is the biggest online store on the planet and thousands of books are published every single day.

In order words, getting your book the desired visibility would be next to impossible (if you don’t have a big name or a large following) because of the vast competition.

But, I did it.

And I‘ll show you exactly how I did it.

First, it’s very obvious: most bloggers in Nigeria run their blogs on the blogger platform unlike in other countries where WordPress is used.

Even pioneer bloggers in Nigeria like Jide Ogunsanya and Linda Ikeji run their blogs on Blogger. Although Jide recently moved his blog  to WordPress last month.

Being a lover of the WordPress platform and having used it effectively for over 3 years and mastered the platform well enough to build a business around it by building WordPress sites for clients, I decided to write a book about it.

I’ve seen numerous questions about WordPress from bloggers and most beginners feel WordPress is very technical and requires one to be technically-savvy.

But, the truth is, with the right guidance: you can master the platform effectively even if it’s your first attempt at starting a WordPress site.

I titled the book: “How To Create A Website That Search Engines Fall In Love With – A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Become A Professional WordPress Website Designer In 5 Days” and put it up for sale on my former blog (which you must have seen in the other blog) but didn’t get much sales.

While the book was an awesome book but most Nigerians weren’t really interested in investing into a self-hosted WordPress site (The fact that Linda Ikeji, who is regarded as the queen of blogging in Nigeria, runs her blog on the terrible Blogger platform speaks volume of this fact).

I struggled to get sales continuously monthly for the book. Then, I thought to myself: “Why not publish this book on Amazon?”

…and that was the starting point of my best seller journey!

I revamped the title of the book to make it sound more professional, created an awesome cover outsourced on fiverr, chose a pen name and publish it on Amazon kindle and bang: it became a best seller within a week!

This was how the book looks after the changes:


But, this didn’t just happen overnight: I had to put in some advance marketing tactics and strategies on the day of launch to boost the ranking and let Amazon algorithm start to pick up my book for promotion.

This was the results for my book:

  1. It ranked #1 for the Hot New Releases for its chosen categories
  2. It ranked #1 for one of its chosen categories

…and this is how my sales dashboard looks like:

…and my income dashboard:


Still skeptical?

Go check out “The 5-Day WordPress School” on Amazon to see things for yourself.

You too can do this: no matter who you are! You can write a book on any topic and become a best selling author earning income month after month.

And I want to teach you how to tap into this income source, just indicate your interest in the comments.

I now have 3 books on Amazon, you can check out my author page on Amazon.

And my income has improved:

To this:

Awesome, right?

Would you love to publish a book on Amazon? Feel to drop your questions, I’ll reply!



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